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With the advent of liberalization in the various economies of the world, inequalities and disparities amongst the various strata of the society came as a fall out of such liberalization. Not denying the advantages of making earth a global village as a result of capitalization, industrialization and techno-revolution, there are numerous sections of local/indigenous communities which have been worst affected by such revolutions. The ecology has also been exposed to danger as a part of industrialization. For averting such perilous situations, it is imperative upon the State to take remedial action by enacting beneficial legislations and seeking proper implementation thereof. An independent and proactive judiciary, uncontrolled by the government and administration, plays a significant role in overseeing proper and due implementation of laws. 

Fortunately the judiciary in India is bestowed with extra-ordinary powers under the Constitution of India and has been proactive in preserving the rights of the oppressed and weak. Plethora of central and state statutes have armed the people to strongly fight injustice and inequality by approaching the Supreme Court and the High Courts for enforcement of their fundamental rights. 

India is  signatory to various UN treaties, conventions and declarations which aim at protecting not only the human life and dignity but also keep a close eye at protecting the rights of animals, protecting the environment and universe in which the human beings and other species live. The legislature has been candid in enacting new legislations as also making amendments and modifications to the existing laws to give effect to international treaties, conventions and declarations. 

Despite the efforts of the legislature, administration and judiciary, there is a huge gap between targeted/proposed socio-enviro effect of such policies and laws and the actual outcome as more particularly demonstrated by the social and economic disparities and unfettered exploitation of various natural resources.
Such a state of affairs being the socio-economic inequalities and discrimination and continuous and blatant abuse of natural resources can very well be attributed to illiteracy, poverty, lack of general awareness and lack of knowledge of the rights available to public at large and the greed of certain influential people to amass wealth.

Though the legal and administrative systems and procedures are in place but it has become imperative on the responsible citizens of the society that initiatives are taken at all levels and by different professionals and socially motivated people which will help in formation of an ideal society with dignified human existence. 

With these solemn objects in mind and with a determination to bring the aid and assistance at the door-step of the needy and under-privileged, a bunch of professionals and socially motivated people have joined hands to form an organization - “LIBRA INDIA”.