About US

Aims and Objectives

Keeping the concept, idea and ideology in mind, LIBRA INDIA has been reluctant to limit the scope of its objectives but has not lost sight of objectivity at the same time. The fundamental objectives of “LIBRA INDIA”, inter alia, include:
•    striving for creating awareness for different socio-legal causes and objects amongst general public by way of seminars, conferences, workshops, symposium, consultations, debates and discussions and aid in publishing the research on such objects in journals having wide spread readership; 
•    strengthening the position of under-privileged and socially backward in the society by making them aware of their fundamental and statutory rights; 
•    organizing, conducting and facilitating open forum discussions, seminars and conferences for deliberation on the draft legislations, rules & regulations and other policies and regulatory framework and preparation and sending the critical analysis and suggestions and pursuing the same with the state and central government, as the case may be;
•    undertaking, conducting and facilitating activities and actions and persuading people for protection and safeguarding environment, natural resources, wild life and endangered species of animals and birds and waste land management;
•    promoting and advocating the preservation of  Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom for all without any discrimination of race, religion, caste, color, sex and language with the aid and assistance of legal action in the form of Public Interest Litigation;
•    making solemn efforts, organizing and conducting activities for development of agriculture and ancillary industries for the rural development and upliftment of socially backward and oppressed people.

All efforts of LIBRA INDIA are principally governed and based on thorough analysis and research. Such concerted efforts would definitely help in yielding its objectives in its solemn pursuit of socio-legal equilibrium.