What We Do

Public Interest Litigation

To achieve the socio-legal equilibrium and to progress in all sectors of people’s welfare, one has to join hands. No organisation on its own can be comprehensively effective and efficient. LIBRA INDIA embraces this idea that local organisations should be given a platform and must be supported in order to attain an upward development and growth. The mapping, modelling, setting targets, identifying opportunities, policy advocacy and interventions with the community and local organisations and authorities that will, actually, support and aid the developmental framework is given due importance by LIBRA INDIA.

What LIBRA INDIA has in mind is to bring two folded grass root empowerment, empowering the grass root at giving end and by empowering the grass root at the receiving end. Only by restoring the value and quality at existing systems, one can aim to achieve bigger goals at various levels and therefore LIBRA INDIA provides a stage filled with opportunities where other local Non-Governmental organisations and local bodies join hands with us so that there can be an active participation at ground level where we can collectively aim to achieve the balance in society. Keeping this in mind, LIBRA INDIA has joined hands many a times with local bodies and Non-Governmental organisations to file Public Interest Litigations. 

LIBRA INDIA through a PIL highlighted the emergent need of an independent Civil Airport of international level at Jodhpur. The subject matter of the Public Interest Litigation was establishment of a fully functional Civil Airport at Jodhpur for providing a base for air connectivity for domestic as well as international level. Attention of the Hon'ble Court was also drawn towards the inadequacy of the safety instruments and infrastructure at the present Jodhpur Airport. Jodhpur is the second biggest city in Rajasthan and is the one among 6 Divisional Headquarters of the State of Rajasthan. The emphasis was shown as the the lack of air connectivity will be proved to be detrimental to the development of the entire Jodhpur district as well as the area surrounding. Looking to the future perspective of the Jodhpur as well as the surrounding districts, the establishment of an independent Civil Airport of international level is indispensable.