What We Do

Grassroot Empowerment

LIBRA INDIA has been involved in mediation at Hanumangarh and Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthan). The emphasis was laid on mediation since it is pre-stage before involving into litigation and also different from other ADR methods, a very convenient and efficacious method for resolution of trivial disputes.

By solving matters at this stage, there will be less of piling up of cases at courts and also this amicable settlement will keep the relationships alive. With this aim, the thought was to empower grassroots as they are the backbone of this country.

The objective behind the mediation project was to circumscribe & curb the litigation which arises through such trivial issues from the water-related disputes in Hanumangarh & Sri Ganganagar. Also, a successive channel in the form of multiple mediation centres to be established in the area so that minimum case for litigation and people opt for mediation to resolve their disputes.

This is not only about the development at these areas but also to transform the present grassroots so that they can settle their disputes within their community and can live with healthy relations.