LIBRA INDIA is a brain-child of a bunch of professionals which includes advocates, journalists, environmentalists, academicians and chartered accountant et al. The determination of such professionals to bring to life their dream of having a just, equitable and a better society triggered the formation of LIBRA INDIA. Each individual brings with itself the professional expertise in specialized areas, practical experience and the vision to see beyond the horizon. The assimilation of talent is a rare combination in organizations of like nature giving it an edge over others. The “Brains at Work” are not just the names behind its projects but are the life and the reason in shaping up of LIBRA INDIA.

It is not possible to wrap up the achievements and credentials of the Trustees and Executive Members in short but LIBRA INDIA would find it more suitable to speak about them through the activities undertaken by it.

The Board of Trustees of LIBRA INDIA comprises of – Mr. Sanjeet Purohit, Mr. Baljinder Singh Sandhu, Mr. Sandeep Shah, Ms. Rekha Borana and Ms. Nupur Bhati. All five of them are advocates of exceptional standing at the Rajasthan High Court and have extra-ordinary experience in pursuing social objectives in their own right. With the brain firmly accustomed for logical reasoning and heart tuned to the needs of society, the five trustees have been instrumental in steering the objectives of LIBRA INDIA in consonance with its objectives.

Besides the Board of Trustees, LIBRA INDIA proudly boasts of its fifteen member Executive Committee comprising of extra-ordinarily talented professionals. Executive Committee includes experienced and seasoned advocates from different parts of Rajasthan thereby giving a flavour and representation to all areas which includes Mr. Umesh Shrimali, Mr. Avinash Vyas, Ms. Ritu Staya, Mr. Rajesh Parihar, Mr. Hemant Ballani and Mr. Ankur Mathur. The executive committee is also adorned with journalists and activists – Mr. Dinesh Bothra, Mr. Shirish Kulkarni, Mr. Devkinandan Vyas, Ms. Sonia Wazed, Ms. Moulika Arabhi and Mr. Sanjay Chittora. Ms. Kalpana Purohit and Ms. Nidhi Sandal are exceptional academicians and have contributed immensely in the formation of LIBRA INDIA.

Managing Trustees

Executive Committee